Monday, 11 January 2010

What would Jimmy Page do?

Life is a strange mix of awkward unwelcome religion, passion, favourites and prejudice that pulls the balance and reason out of everything. The ghosts, protein particles, bricks and writer's blocks that make us up are often not chosen, not hand picked, they occur, they fall upon us and emerge from routes, formulas and accidents we never planned or expected. The music of chance and the journey into friendly chaos define us, remarkable and ordinary, dull and flamboyant, spirited and docile. What would Jesus do? What should Jesus do? What would Jimmy Page do? What can anybody do?

Going into a little more detail and being less serious life with a Cougar is never dull either, a few quick slides this morning, across ice and slush, dodge the estate Range Rover barreling down the long hill and then the relief of hitting actual clear tarmac at at least 4 degrees above freezing that the tyres can grip, then out onto the Forth Bridge and up motorway right up to the limit - almost normal.

On the way home a glug of junk food petrol from Tescos, as usual paying little attention to the price but bagging the points. Somehow the litres counter and the price never quite relate, like many other things, they exist only as numbers and letters on a screen or on a white slip of paper, then away you go.

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