Sunday, 15 March 2015

And a

Soup and a sandwich
But just mind your language
You'll do irreparable damage 
To your reputation.

And as for spelling
Don't you try selling
Books and education
Think of your reputation.

Try to talk about sex
You say sex with your ex
You say send me a text
Text away your reputation.

If you have paranoia
Well I'm here to annoy ya
It's as real as you make it
Reputation? Just fake it.

So soup and a sarny?
The world has gone barmy
There's a surrealist army
Stealing your reputation.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


A certain strange nastiness that prevails in hearts of people. You recognise it and turn away but it grips. Some explain it and excuse it as sin, original, inevitable and ultimately divine. That makes sense only if you want it to, if you want to shift the blame. It's not animal it's god. Not my fault. I see it more simply. It's man, desperate and frustrated  and ignorant allowing the lower part of a poorly evolved nature to rise and dictate. It's a blinding, ignorant light, a lazy angel drifting into a pool of poison. It can be avoided. It does not have to prevail.

This has nothing to do with the above, it's just a good illustration.

I arrived here in the rain,
there was a flood,
then it all began again,
rising from mud.

Are you surprised to be?
Are you in shock?
Here in the midst of chaos,
Taking a walk.