Saturday, 9 January 2010

If Global Warming continues...

...we are all going to freeze to death - said a wise man. Today is a "no drive" day however; fresh snow, fresh ice and few stray wolves are gathering in the woods. Bored and unsettled we walked for miles ignoring the gunshots and the flocks of Canada Geese heading South, this is no-man's land (and also snowman's land).

Actualizing Kindle related thought processes and walking any distance in the snow is hard work and demanded a lengthy pit stop at a local non-hostile garden centre. The car park was pretty much empty apart from a few abandoned CRVs and rolled Pugs but we were cheered and warmed that the cafe still had some nicely thawed out soup selections left. Then in scenes reminiscent of the movie "the Road" we trudged back home to clear more snow from our small collection of disabled vehicles. Tomorrow is another day (it wasn't such a wise or original man who said that) .

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