Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Open bonnet

I did open the bonnet the other day and everything seemed to be in right place and was of course, much to my predictable horror, covered in the customary January road film.

Day 723 of Cougar ownership and drivership: The gauge says 4 degrees of something is occurring outside, the every present weather resetting itself. Now that its turned marginally milder the gritters seem to be spreading again, all normal inefficient balances restored once again.

Petrol prices creep up to point where there is no right price. A few pence on a litre obviously bumps the oil company profits but most motorists driving older and dirtier cars are past caring now - we have accepted the inevitable and the steady decline in our fortunes that must occur. Having said that I'm still hitting the 38.7 mpg mark. The computer never lies but the custom and bespoke tyre sizes (thank you Tom Farmer) probably blow the calculations and everything else.

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