Monday, 25 January 2010

Smoothly eccentric

Up and out in to another January morning, engine starts first crank, no sign of the annoying squeak that the latter part of the trip back from Aberdeen generated and after about six miles a puff of heat emerges from the reluctant heater. The heater has never been very good or at least quick to respond. The heater matrix had a major fault early on in my ownership and a new one was fitted, whilst this solved a host of other problems (massive water leaks) it never does really offer up a shot of quick early morning warmth that these chilly mornings call for. Ho hum.

In the end the recurrent minor faults and the things that you never get round to fixing or refuse to fix are what gives your car character and to some extent, if you believe these things a personality. One day I'll list the faults and perhaps they'll add up to some greater whole that might explain or define or I suppose balance up the good points about living with any motor car however smooth, rough or in my case eccentric...smoothly eccentric.

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