Friday, 8 January 2010

Central locking mystery

7am, opened up the car, started the engine, got out to scrape the now everyday ice film and as I closed the door the central locking popped on. Bugger. Thankfully Ali was in the house and available to let me get back in to pick up the spare key. I'll put it down to extreme weather and not a fault. It hasn't happened again (today). Note to self: Have a spare key handy.

More internal ice discovered inside the windscreen today. It shaves away like icy chocolate slivers and scatters across the dashboard, then disappears back into the atmosphere. So after a few early morning slides I was on my way, painlessly gliding to work. Since the air con doesn't play ball demisting can take a while but I've become used to it. That slight haze around the windscreen edges is now almost likable and a familiar quirk. It's good to have a car with quirks, provided they don't turn into show stoppers.

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