Friday, 6 May 2016


On reflection it was an outbreak of unexpected uppercase spam that sent me hurtling back into the spiritual wilderness places. I just didn't see it happen and in some ways I refused to see it. Why on earth would spam emails suddenly tip over into UPPERCASE SPAM? What kind of world allows the spammers to shout this way at the tops of their voices like drunk people in the street calling out names and swearing. Society, and the communications that lie at it's heart is fragmenting, taking it's self to strange places or so it seems. So I decided to run. The first problem was finding direction, should I go east or west, north or south? 

My erstwhile sense of surrealist protest considered simply running on the spot but whilst doing so slowing turning in a full 360 degree circle. That would take me somewhere, demonstrate a level of protest and keep me fit. It would not allow me to return to the wilderness however. So I thought about what the wilderness means, empty spaces devoid of shouty spam and requests and white noise. Only the chill winds or intolerable heat, perhaps driving rain or damp and oppressive levels of humidity that sap the strength and energy from a person. Long lengths to go to avoid spam and the tiresome feelings of clearing out inboxes. All problems that previous generations knew nothing of. 

So on re-reflection I just zapped them all with a few keystrokes. I may close the account on the basis that I can't be bothered and so that will be that. In my head I'll explore those badlands, on some kind of sabbatical mental trip. I may even run on the spot, take a short walk or just hop on my bike and tour the riverbank. All this may or may not happen, you see it really depends on what my Random Activity Generator tells me...I'll follow those instructions to the letter at least until the money runs out.

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