Sunday, 22 May 2016

Misplaced lyrics

I thought that I had an idea. It was taking shape nicely. Then I forgot about it. My brain moved onto something else, I failed to capture the idea and now it's gone. Lost and irretrievable it seems. Like a cat in a coal mine. The trouble is that I keep going over the lost idea, trying to somehow think it back up into existence. Of course it may not be worth it anyway, how good an idea was it in the first place? If it had been any good I would've surely remembered it. I just need to use a note book.

Then I had an idea for a (fairly simple) song:

We got married in Egypt, my shoes full of sand (?)
C#m                                          B7
When I saw you in that dress, I'd found my promised land.

Yeah, married in Egypt, diggin' the Koran
C#m                                        B7
Everybody's into everything, they think they have a plan.

Once we got out of Egypt, divorced in Japan
C#m                                                      B7
She got the money, she got the stuff, she got another man.

A         Yeah, married in Egypt, divorced in Japan
C#m                                                                    B7
Travelling to get nowhere, stuck in some promised land.

A                                                          C#m
When you get married it must be for love
A                                             B7
Cos' if it's not it's gonna be tough.

Of course this blog isn't really a place to share or store hastily written song lyrics, it's for other things. I therefore don't quite know why this is appearing here. It's misplaced, it's a misplaced piece of lyric set out here because I forgot the other probably better idea. I still can't remember it.

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