Friday, 20 May 2016

Strange how it's no longer there.

Today brings us, courtesy of the great corporations, a Pseudo Science Fiction Morning complete with a light breeze and some dense hoovering. I've discovered the added joy of connecting lots of different wires and leads together, all towards the great goal of eliminating that buzz, that crackle, that dull hum, that noise that defies and confounds the silence, where ever it may hide. This of course is the faint hum of the universe, a great machine that runs without stopping, as far our feeble time lines are concerned anyway. We run in the hum, slightly oblivious and determined to remain uneducated and cheap. "That is why I have created and captured these recordings" said the Professor.

"Well that would be the scientific view, eventually you'll understand everything, it's just a matter of time. So what about luck or patience or industry? I'm just one the drones here as far as I can see. I make up the numbers and then those same numbers, beyond binary values and beyond my comprehension come straight back and rule me via the corporations. I don't even understand how that came to be. There were tales but they've all been told now. We were exhausted by the efforts of the media. Dumb and relentless. That was how it was. So I took it upon myself to travel, anywhere but mostly inside. No matter what I did though I could never beat the corporations. They were in the milk, the music and the tapestry. They held a stranglehold despite my repeated use of large and unfashionable fonts. I couldn't contact them."

"I used to sleep on most of my daily journeys. It was a way of catching up, buying back time at a discount. So fractured but that was the way of reality. Something that you think is sitting in the correct place then you look around and find that everything has moved. On a roundabout. A man with less experience could become paranoid but I'd done a little homework. I also knew that there never would be a revolution, that the workers would never rise up. The mental strength wasn't there, the purpose was missing. We voted every period in what seemed like a free system but we still voted in oppressors again and gain. I think it was the buzzing and humming that got to them, made them mad. Made them like the rest and we just got on with our work. Heads down."

"The good thing is that I don't really feel the despair of it all anymore. There's none of that, just a light elation, as if I'd just inhaled a cigarette or sipped strong coffee. That 's how it is in the drone community, one little buzz after another to keep your pecker up. Anyway I'd become bored with just looking around and out of the window so the sleep was like a warm refuge. It gave me something to look forward to at the beginning and the end of the working day. It was something that the corporations couldn't steal. Not at the moment anyway."

"When the transport stopped we all stood, lined up and headed out into the building. I blinked and took in the greater space. It was clean, artificial and grey. It was the same as it was everyday and had been for thousands of years. They had told me that during the induction model. You had to remember a lot of things that were described as being facts. There were numbers and values added in also and lists of dos and don'ts. I passed the test but I still knew nothing of time before the corporations. That's somebody else's business. A pale light was playing on all the surfaces, moving gently, like some kinetic artwork. I was distracted for a few seconds. I wanted it to hypnotise me, carry me away. But I was only passing through a place and the hum was getting louder with every step. Nobody spoke. There was nothing to say."

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