Monday, 9 May 2016

Hungry black hole

No that's not it, ok it's famous and there's some mystery about it but that's not what I'm, looking for, no. It's not a famous photo, not the photo I mean, never will be. No reason.

So I couldn't find that photo, I looked but I couldn't find it. There were many others, all taken or posted or something about the same time. Many very similar, some not of course. Anyway, it has eluded me for the time being. I know I'll go back and search but right now it seems like looking for a certain pin that's fallen into quicksand that's already home to 50% pins, 50% sand. Too many things to go over and before long you become blind and careless and searching is nearly impossible. Maybe I just lack the mental strength and resolve to search. Maybe I lack the will. Maybe I'm not so sure that I know what the photo looked like and now it's deep in the primeval soup and lost. Unable to be located and sinking in a mass of other lost and unrecognised images in the great jpeg universe where every second thousands of cats, beaches, skies, families and random, worthless memories are up loaded into. That thing that looks bright at first and then turns around on it's self only to reveal it's true nature as a vast, uncontrolled and hungry black hole that devours you and your data. Maybe if I wait it just might spit something back out. Then again it might not exist at all, it was just a figment of...what is that thing in my head anyway?

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