Monday, 22 February 2010


Tailgate under the thin moon.

As a driver I seldom tailgate and I hate it when somebody does it to me. Usually it happens on windy rural roads when your running at about 55, enjoying the camber and the tarmac rumble. Then a Mini, a Renault Clio or some rep-mobile will try to suck the exhaust straight out of your pipes by riding up your bum crack. Disrespectful and unnecessary. Once they do get past you a water bottle or some Burger King wrapping will usually come sailing out of the passenger window and bounce across the road.

Yesterday I witnessed a nutter in a Saab estate cut me off on the outside lane in order to drive alongside a Renault in the inner lane and, across the carriageway have a go at the driver. I've no idea what was going on but it was neither safe nor pleasant - it happened on the M9 near Grangemouth about 1130 Sunday 21st.

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