Sunday, 7 February 2010

Old boot

I love the Cougar's huge boot. I love not worrying about fitting in bags and baggage and all the odds and ends I have to carry. It takes everything, well almost. Of course the lip is high, the shape is awkward and the parcel shelf often gets in the way but that's all trivial stuff, it does the job. Today it was the remains of my grand daughter's wardrobe, an IKEA item now surplus and worn out. We flattened it and crammed it in and I trundled it over here, now on one fine day it will form the sacrificial centrepiece of a spring bonfire.

Funny how you look through a windscreen and not at it, it's also a much safer thing to do I suppose. Today I was looking at it (car stationary) and noticed what looked like series of cat paw prints on the inside. Of course there has been no wild or otherwise cat running amok in my car as far as I know, it must simply be another strange staining phenomenon, like the face of Jesus in the dust on a door or on a piece of golden toast. Two minutes of wiping and they were gone only to be replaced with fresh wipe smears.

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