Monday, 15 February 2010

Slow puncture

It doesn't look like much but £50 worth of carefully chosen grocery, strong drink and personal hygiene items gets you a tankful of the amber nectar with a 5p a litre discount. Wow. As I was about to take up this kind and seasonally adjusted offer I had a good go at the roadside air pump. As usual the back tyres were alarmingly flat though not looking or feeling that way. Every month I get caught out by this, seems I have slow punctures to match both my slow reactions and my increasingly slow (?) thinking processes.

Incidentally the picture above shows a different load of shopping taken quite carelessly from a series of random pictures, not the actual £53.56 worth of tat I referred to above. Truth, reality and blogging do not go together, would be strange bedfellows and make my irregular logging of the trivial things in life and motoring considerably more difficult.

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