Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cougar 4 Sale

Life is a constant struggle between conflicting appetites and needs. The bright shiny things, the practical requirements, the voices of good sense, stewardship and reason. Things I don't want to say, things I don't want to listen to, ideas I'd just rather not have. But they are there and they exist and you can stumble across them as you casually search, thumb pages, click and peer into the electric gloom and see beyond the dull image and find a life and a passion that goes beyond, that transcends something, that is not ordinary because it's formed from the dreams of others as they meet the dream and aspirations you now own in all your weak, simple and fragile essence. I am of course referring to that pure and painful moment when you stumble across a fine looking and well maintained low milage Cougar hidden within the deep recesses of Autotrader and on sale tantalisingly close by but unfortunately in Glasgow. I think of my credit card, my balance and my numerous other issues and commitments and walk slowly away. “Best left where it is” says a still small voice that may well be either God or the Devil himself.

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