Monday, 9 January 2012

Under over pressure

A dodgy air line, a dodgy gauge and not wearing glasses, add to that the inability to do the mental arithmetic necessary to convert PPI to BAR and throw in an interfering rainstorm and you'll understand why I got my pressures so badly wrong. Then of course I had the incorrect coins and then the airline was out of order.

Eventually I've gotten it right but not before I'd magically over inflated all four tyres and still managed to mysteriously cure a slow, lazy puncture that's been slowly puncturing for weeks if not more weeks. Now the fog lamp warning light stays on, I'm sure what it's trying to tell me but at least the bulbs in the rear lamps have stopped flickering like the Blackpool Illuminations on a blustery October night. Win, lose, win I make it, could be the best week's ownership ever.

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