Monday, 23 January 2012

Something about January

It's back to that bad old time of temporary inner conflict, the old Cougar is failing (in small ways) and as 140k approaches I'm not sure how long running him/her is affordable and practical. This may signal the end of a long and pretty pleasant era - and I'm double minded about ending it this way. Maybe it's just something about January and the lack of vitamin C in the watery sunshine that either blinds you or stays away from you. The main rival(s) to the Cougar is the Alfa Romeo 166. I've seen a few, though they are  scarce in Scotland. The best one I've seen (virtually) is down in Bristol, it looks pretty good, maybe too good to be true, an air ticket, a taxi ride and a tank of petrol away. Maybe it should just be a regular old and sturdy Mondeo that I should settle for. Playing it safe or playing it real?

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