Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A short history of masturbation

Delicate subject as it is you have to realise that there are certain words and terms and images that attract search engines like a magnet. Fishing for hits if you will. There may be few bites expected but at least I have a boat that floats. For your pleasure:

a) A (short but) complete history of masturbation.
b) The other Adolph Hitler.
c) Your car (Ford Cougar) for cash.
d) Big, blond and illiterate.
e) Cheese and wine made easy.
f) Turn your garbage into cash.
g) The secret thoughts of Sarah Palin
h) Whistleblowers blues.
i) How to read the classics.
j) Homemade porn and sponge cake.
k) Religious zealots guidebook to Disneyland.
l) Tibetan pizza recipes.
m) Cool looks for the over 50s.
n) Lists that require nothing entered after n.

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