Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Minis are OK

Once the golden shower of nuggets are over I retire to the back seat to concentrate on a dessert of sorts. The fruit corner pot has been with us in various guises since about 1993, often copied, cloned or replicated but never bettered than by the efforts of the good people of Euro-dairy giants Muller. What an idea, taking a pot of fruity yoghurt and removing fruit from it, placing it in a separate compartment and then expecting the consumer to mix it up within the free space of the larger part of the tub. I wonder if anybody doesn’t get that and mixes the yoghurt, spoon by spoon with the tiny fruit portion. Perhaps some people consume both parts separately, at different times. That would be odd.

The trick is to get the lid pulled back from the container in one smooth move and leave no trace of silver sealant on the white plastic base. The worst disaster that can befall the fruit corner and it’s consumer is to have to eat it through the shredded remains of a yoghurt spattered lid. This scores close to zero points for food hygiene and les than zero for satisfaction. You have to take your time, treat the flimsy pot with respect and pull the lid back so that it all comes free in one piece. You may then lick the underside, if only to bolster up the Muller advertising campaign of a few years ago. Having said that, sometimes, even after sever tilting or prolonged upside down storage or carriage no yoghurt sticks to the inside of the lid. How can that be? Next thing will be an instant porridge review.

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