Friday, 9 April 2010

That petrol emotion

Now that petrol has reached an all time high of £12.0 for a litre or a European thimbleful or whatever the denominations are the unhappy cost of Cougar ownership is spiralling in an upwards spiral in a somewhat annoying fashion. In terms of economy I’m stuck at about 38 mpg which is probably good but unlikely to improve even with well rehearsed thunderbolts and occasional light foots (or light feet). Perhaps new Michelins or Tom Farmers or lighter aftermarket alloys are the answer, probably not. In many ways it’s best to ignore the dials and the numbers unless they are a) glowing red in a bad way or b) registering a number that indicates a serious engine fault or some imminent fine, fixed penalty or other civil or criminal offence. 38 mpg isn’t so bad.

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