Monday, 5 April 2010


Breakfast car parking in one of Dundee's golden arch branches.

It was wet, windy and bleak and bleak this morning as I drove up to Aberdeen carrying an enormous wooden chest in the back. The chest dates back to the 1920s and is the last remnant of my long departed old mum's house to be redistributed around the family. It now has a new resting place in the granite city where one of my sons plans to refit it for some mysterious purpose. I should delivered it two years ago but it's hard to run up there without a bevvy of passengers. One job less on the list.

Nice drive up and down without any significant water leaks or wiper noises and the traffic was pleasantly light so driving around the limit all the way there and back was easy. The current crop of potholes are still causing concern but based on the economic forecasts unlikely to get better in the short term. Get used to it.

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