Thursday, 21 August 2014

Cat food omelette #2

I seem to have gone on for most of July and much of August, the long summer months in some sort of denial of writing or producing or creating anything other than those bad, half formed early morning ideas you get (or the drunken ones you get and quickly forget). Yes that is how it has been, unforgivable and reprehensible...but fun, followed by those three pretentious and hopefully meaningful full stops. You see I've been away, in France, in England, here and there. I've been lazy too and too lazy, obstinate, preoccupied and busy with things that are counter productive. The stats have all of course gone haywire, history has repeated and I've slept away the rain, fog and misty days in a haze of, well just about nothing. Excuse me please.

Obvious things from elsewhere  that I cannot fathom No1: 

"If you really want your life to make sense, your bathroom to smell sweet, to be free from pungent human  odours and to deeply relax and revive all those lost souls who may from time to time pass through then don't hold back. Don't restrain yourself, invent and improvise. Cast away the preconceived ideas about cats, cat food, egg poisoning, candles and extraneous shit like that. There is a bright and enlightening future out there, way beyond September 18th, the blue horizon, the general erection and existential mind games. Dip your Yankee Candle Coconut Cake in an empty feline food container and by whatever sane and safe means you can muster let it burn...real slow and strong. The universe can wait, around here we play long games."

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