Saturday, 14 April 2012


Ode to the 166: Trucking along the M9 or some other such number I saw it on the hard shoulder, stopped still, hazard lights blinking meekly, unable to move. A silver 03 plate Alfa Romeo 166, a rare car, a rare sight on the road and possibly a vehicle I might very well have owned had I not got cold feet and walked away from the sale at the last minute of the last second of the eleventh hour. The sight provoked mixed feelings as I rolled by in the less well designed, less stylish, much more common but nonetheless still moving along the motorway Volvo.

The faded beauty of those silver wings
The Moma leather and the little things
Carabinieri blue or racing red
Stylistic pictures in your head
As silky smooth as Sophia Loren
Soft suspension that clings tight through the bend
But there's this broken cam-belt true love cant fix
Bent valves and steam as the oil and water mix
So I'm glad I dodged the 166.

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