Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Music in cars

Games for May and music in cars. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn cannot ever be described as a decent album for motoring or cruising to. It would only work if you were travelling across some corrugated field, driving under the influence in Barcelona or being help captive, perhaps after being kidnapped and lying across the back seat looking up at the roof as you headed for some mystery destination. It doesn’t work at all as a motoring album, short on anthems, heavy beats or relentless shredding and screaming. Forever Changes by Love is the same, all too spiky, intense and filled with gear changes and fits of dynamic passion. Classic but no use to the casual motorist wanting to while away the journey beating drumbeats onto a warm steering wheel or worse whistling, humming or tap tap tapping like some Edgar Allan Poe chisel beaked raven. Then again Piper and Changes might keep those annoying relatives or flotsam us human cargo passengers stunned into meek and obedient silence, until the next service stop. Music can have it’s uses, some people even listen to it I am told.

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