Friday, 21 January 2011

Not Spring

Unrelated Saab takes corner

Now that it’s nearly Spring I have to sit down and think. Frankly I don’t quite know what I’m doing or where I’m headed. I’m tempted to use words like “interplay” or “sectional” I want to drop them into planned conversations as I try to, using as little language as possible sum up what I see happening. Of course this doesn’t work and I remain tongue tied and if I’m not being too tough on myself, unhappy with my overall performance.

In the end it is all about people and your dealings with them. That of course can translate into dealing in cars and other manufactured commodities. I’m not as good at this as some others but I can learn. Having said that I just said that this was the end. I’m not quite clear on where all this is; somewhere presumably. We all need to pay tribute to something, occasionally.

Meanwhile I’ve stopped driving fast, most of the time, but I’m thinking about the price of petrol and the end of February. For a short month it seems to run on, never ending and it’s not even started yet. Maybe I was wrong about it nearly being Spring, it’s Winter everywhere and has been for many months and the car’s underside needs rinsed to clear all that corrosive road salt, muck and chemicals that hang there like demented stalactites. Clean, clear water, applied at high pressure, the first sign of spring and no salt ricocheting around inside the wheel arches. Lookin’ forward to it already and the celebration that surrounds the achievement of a reasonable weigh loss report. I’ve no idea who is sitting in the back.

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