Monday, 14 June 2010

The art of Noja

Though my head and heart say keep the Cougar (and I will) some other part of my body or perhaps some indistinct esoteric spiritual place is saying dumb things like “Lexus Soarer 4.0” but in English. Of course I will ignore the distraction or itch if you will and like most fanciful electrical brain sparks it must cool itself down in a bucket of water any day now. I just need to avoid Autotrader and a 400 mile radius from EH anything.

So loyalty to the Cougar continues and I’m planning some kind of summer run for me and the kids. Going abroad (even via Dover) is attractive but not really affordable unless some last minute bargain and personal brainstorm comes up. It’s looking like the badly surfaced roads of Argyll, the twists of the Great Glen or the tortuous caravan busting straights on the A9. Then there are the great midge intakes and unintentional swallows, the drizzle, the unexpected sunshine and the bloody tourists. Challenges the currently newly serviced and shod Cougar will relish in it’s currently prone and agile state, not so sure about me.

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