Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hedge end

The annual hedge cull has taken place. A great green giant of a John Deere attacked the hedges last night and made a rather good job of giving them all a number two trim. The result was however that the material the chipper failed to capture ended up all across the roads, not quite filling the potholes and not quite lining the edges. I first noticed the piece of debris I'd picked up when the radio sound suddenly developed a scratchy tone and Mark Radcliffe becomes distinctly distorted. I stopped and in the fading light found that I was dragging a six foot piece of bent willow underneath the real wheel arch and getting the same effect as a kid does when cardboard is shoved into the spokes of a bike.

I drove to Greenock today and enjoyed (?) the many miles of never ending roadworks that cut across the central belt like some huge piece of scar tissue. I don't recall it ever being any different, a perpetual parade of cones and high vis equipment that lines the road edge where fields, trees and houses should be - all sinking in an upturned sea of brown mud. At least Glasgow was clear for once and West of the airport the road on to Gourock was as peaceful as sunny Port Glasgow on a Tuesday morning.

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